Not able to login to Yahoo email

Anyone who gets unwanted emails or spam cannot help frustration. Especially when Yahoo email users find spam mail they want help for troubleshooting. If you are getting bulk of spam mail on Yahoo Mail just try given steps. On this blog, you will find troubleshooting steps for spam mail. If you failed to sort out the problem just use Yahoo customer support number 1-877-576-7455. The number of customer care is always available for its users. With the help of tech support experts, you can easily fix the email problem.

Steps to manage the spam & mailing lists on Yahoo Mail:

Mark Yahoo emails as Spam

1. Choose the spam email.
2. Tap on option Spam.
3. Under the spam click down the arrow to provide info about email:

• Report Spam – unwanted emails.
• Report a Hacked Account – for suspicious email contacts.
• Report a Phishing Scam – an email which meant to be scam the personal information.
• Not My Mail – an email which addressed to other.

Mark Yahoo emails as Not Spam

1. Tap on the Spam folder.
2. Choose the email.
3. Tap on option Not Spam located on the upper side of the page.
4. Now email will back to inbox folder.

Unsubscribe mail from mailing lists:

At the bottom of some mail, you will find the link for unsubscribing. So if you don’t want to continue the email, unsubscribe it.

Tricky tips to avoid spam in the future:

• Ignore unknown mail senders.
• Share your email carefully.
• Don’t try to sign up your Yahoo mail with such website which claims to remove spam list. They can be spammers or fraud.

These all steps will help you to manage the spam & mailing list on Yahoo Mail. If you want advanced help with tech support. Try Yahoo customer service number which is 24 x 7 available for its customers. The team of tech support is always available to rectify the email problem all the time. So, whenever you need help just ask customer care team to assist you for troubleshooting.

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