How to Send a Text Message from Yahoo Mail

There are many features in Yahoo for users which make users work very simple. Ultimate features of Yahoo help users to work faster and easier. If you are a Yahoo email user and want to send a text message you can do it. Even you don’t have a smartphone but still, you can send it to your Yahoo mail account. You will send the email as text but receive will find the message as text. If you are still unaware how to send a text message via Yahoo mail. You can ask the tech support team to help you. Try Yahoo customer care number 1-866-702-5317 which is always open to users. With the help of experts, it would be easy. Well, there are also some steps by which will help you to send a text message to your Yahoo email. Follow the instructions given below step by step and save your time.  

A simple way to send a text message from Yahoo email:-

Step 1.

In the first step, you need to open the browser windows and locate the Yahoo email account. Now login to your Yahoo account by mail ID & its password.

Step 2.

Now you need to tap into new and choose the email message from the drop-down email menu.

Step 3.

In the field of recipient’s feed to a mobile number of followed by @ & SMS gateway in the “To” field. When you will feed the SMS gateway it will works same as the mail address. No need to confuse just try it.

Step 4.

Type the text which message you want to send. Type the text in email body longer than several messages. (More than 160 Characters).

Step 5.

Tap and send the text message will be sent to the recipient phone. The Yahoo mail users can send their message instantly via mail to the receiver.

If you found trouble to send a text message via yahoo email. Experts in tech support are always ready to help you. Via Yahoo customer support number users can learn it. Trained experts will help you to shoot all issues of Yahoo email instant because they provide their service all the time.