How to reset the forgotten password of Yahoo on Desktop?

Yahoo email provides its best service to its users. Sometimes its users also face troubles so to fix these troubles Yahoo has tech support team. If you have forgotten the password of Yahoo email and want to recover it. Then you can recover the password by following steps or get the help from experts. If you want to recover the forgotten password of Yahoo through the desktop. You can contact Yahoo customer care number and there are no issues just follow simple steps given here one by one.

Yahoo Mail forgot password
Yahoo Mail forgot password
  1. Open the login page of Yahoo mail: Go to the website of Yahoo via your computer browser. Open the page. If you are already login then it will open the inbox. Click to the upper right side of the window at your name. After that click to account info and tap to account security.
  2. Click to trouble signing in: Click on this link which is present at the lower right corner of the sign-in section. This link will take you to account recovery page.
  3. Enter the Yahoo account’s number: At this page enters the registered mobile number which you used to sign up for Yahoo. You can also enter recovery email address.
  4. Click to continue: Just below the text box you will find the blue button, click it to continue the process.
  5. Click to option yes text me an account key: When you will click on this option you will find a code to a selected If you want a message on recovery email then click to yes, send me an account key.
  6. Enter the account key: Type the account key code at required text box on the verification page.
  7. Verify the code: Click on the text box for verification. You will get a message to for account selection page.
  8. Choose the account: Here you need to select the account which password you want to change.
  9. Create new password: Now create a new password and continue your work.

If you successfully follow the procedure but still getting trouble to access your account. Get help through Yahoo technical support number anytime you need. Customer support service of Yahoo is always open to help their users. Ask the technical experts to help you and resolve this issue soon.