How to remove a bank account from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most useful accounting software made to date. It provides you with a long and powerful list of features. You can manage and organize all your accounting needs in one software. It is commonly used by the users worldwide for their small to medium sized business organizations. It is mandatory for using the software that the user has to enable an active bank account connected with it. So that all payments and incoming money can be smoothly functioned. If you want to instantly remove the account, you can reach out for QuickBooks customer care number which is available online for the solution of issues.

Leaving your bank account connected with QuickBooks helps you save much of your manual work as all the entries get automatically synced with your books. Deleting your account will only be useful if you do not use that bank account anymore.

Steps to remove the bank account from QuickBooks

  • From the topmost navigation panel, click on the settings
  • From the drop-down menu, choose COA
  • Now select the bank account you would like to permanently delete
  • From the set of predefined actions, choose to delete your account
  • You will see a confirmation message
  • Click ‘OK’ and your account will be removed forever.

You can also choose to disconnect your bank account if you do not want to remove it permanently.

Disconnecting your bank account from Quickbooks

  • With your Quickbooks logged in, click on the transactions
  • Click on bankings tab
  • Choose your preferred account to delete
  • Choose the pencil-like icon and click on edit
  • Click on options that say ‘disconnect’
  • Choose to save the preferences

By doing the needful steps you can remove permanently as well disconnect temporarily your bank account from the QuickBooks. In the hour of need, you can always take help from the QuickBooks customer support number, where the trained technicians will provide required support for your query. The technicians are well versed with the issues related to the software and they provide a long-lasting solution.

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