How to recover a hacked ATT account

Have you ever noticed security breaches in your account? It can be hacking, phishing or had malicious viruses and malware installed or you sense the presence of some unusual activity in the account. If your response is yes, then it is advisable to approach AT&T customer care number who are accessible at all time. The support teams will first check the problem and then accordingly will give the solution.

ATT email service is not far away from the hacking activity. Users all over the world are complaining that some unknown activity is happening in their account. The symptoms which can reveal that your account has been compromised are:

• No emails are received by you
• Some emails are missing from your inbox
• You cannot sign-in your account
• There are some unknown emails in your sent folder
• Received a large number of bounced back and unsent email which you didn’t send
• People complain of getting spam from your email account

What you can do to recover a hacked account

You just need to review all those probabilities which allowed hacking and phishing activities in your account.
Change password of your account

• Change your password immediately and review all your computer and account. After reviewing just change it again.
• You must keep a strong password of your account and it should be unique.
• Don’t share your password with anyone.
• It is advisable to change your password from time to time.

Update the account security question and answer

• Just change the security question and answer of your account to minimize the risk of hacking

Secure your Computer

• Scan your system for the viruses, worms, and malware from antivirus
• Make sure your computer is up-to-date be it the drivers of the printer, Wi-Fi, and etc.

Review Email Setting

• Change your recovery email address and phone address and other personal data.
• See contact list and verify if there is an unknown name or not
• Check the list of blocked account

These are the just review checkup which you do to recover your account from being hacked. But you must consult the certified technician for proper guidance and diagnosis of the condition. You must reach them at AT&T customer support number accessible at all hours irrespective of time and location. They will deliver the suggestion and ways by which you can protect your account from security breaches.

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