How to fix QuickBooks running slow issue in multi-user mode

Is your QuickBooks misbehaving? Is the software running slow in multi-user mode? And you don’t know the right way to fix the issue! Then you are reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about the causes and solution related to your QuickBooks issue. You can take help from the QuickBooks customer care number to resolve the issue instantly or can also try the troubleshooting steps to perform yourself.

QuickBooks is Intuit Inc’s set of software solutions designed to manage inventory, sales, payroll, employee accounts and other accounting needs at one place. This software is widely used by the small and medium scale organizations to make their tedious task of accounting quite easier. This software can be accessed by more than one person at a time but it becomes quite slow while in multi-user mode.

Causes of QuickBooks running slow

  • Multi-user access on one module at the same time
  • Data file size might be too large
  • Slow computer processing
  • Improper or unstable network

Solution: how to fix QuickBooks running slow in multi-user mode

  • Try to decrease the data range on a big report
  • Use only one module at a time and minimize the number of users
  • Ensure to save the data file on the fastest computer network
  • Replace the network interface card, if using
  • Try to establish and improve the data connection

It is much important to recognize the right type of symptom that is causing the software to run slowly. It is even not necessary that the performance issue may occur in multi-user mode, it can occur at the time of single user too. QuickBooks can cause other issues overtime like error message or data unable to upload or another, so it always recommended to update the software from time to time.

In case if you face any trouble while fixing the issue, then try to contact the QuickBooks customer support number, where you will be helped by the certified technician in sorting out the issue in the least minimum time. The support team can be reached at any time of the day.