How to Fix AOL Frozen Screen Problem

If you have encountered AOL Frozen Screen Error, you must follow a few instructions to eliminate it. The instructions are mentioned below to troubleshoot AOL Frozen Screen Issue soon.

  1. Restart Your System
  • Restart your computer to close all backend programs running on your computer and provide a space for AOL Gold to open smoothly again.
  • Scan your system to check for Trojans, Worms, or Virus, and if any malware is detected, then remove it quickly because it will freeze your AOL screen
  • Keep assured that Internet speed is high and stable to open it
  • If the problems exist still, then move to AOL files and start the program again
  • Reinstall AOL desktop gold again and update your browser and windows before re-downloading it.
  1. Run & Download AOL in Compatible Mode
  • Download AOL software from a trustworthy source
  • Choose its properties and then, save AOL installation files on your desktop
  • Choose the Compatibility Mode option and click at option ‘Enter the Program in Compatibility Mode.’
  • Then, select Download Box and also choose Past Operating System.
  • Then press OK and attempt to re-download AOL once again.
  1. Run AOL Desktop Gold in Compatible Mode
  • Press the AOL Gold Desktop icon with a Right-Click
  • From the drop-down menu, choose option ‘Run As Admin.’

It is the short-cut option to remove this AOL Error. You can’t use it every time. You have to follow an alternative method given below to fix this error.

  • Choose Characteristics by right-clicking at AOL Gold Desktop icon
  • Press at Short-Cut option on the opened Windows
  • Tab at the ‘Advanced Tab’ option and then verify by clicking at ‘Execute As Administrator.’
  • Save it and then click to reinstall AOL Gold
  1. Run Compatibility Troubleshooter at Your Computer
  • Open the Control Panel and in the search box, type ‘System’ and then press ‘ENTER.’
  • To look at your device specifications, click on System option
  • Compare the one by opening the Window specifications
  • Operating System 10 or Window 7/8/8.1
  • iOS Version 10
  • System Processor 266MHz or faster
  • Screen Resolution 1068*768 or more
  • Ram 512 MB (approx.)
  1. Remove and Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold
  • Press the Start Menu and locate Search Box
  • Type the Update and then, click on the Windows Update option
  • Then, move to ‘Change Settings’ select the ‘Important Updates’ heading
  • Then, look at the box ‘Automatically Install Update.’
  • Finally, choose the AOL Gold Desktop option and click on updates
  • Save the changes or updates once the process is completed.

Troubleshoot Corrupt Desktop Software

 Click at Start button in the control panel

  • Search for Programs and Features
  • Select AOL Desktop option and then Scroll it to top and press Uninstall option
  • When the full method is completed, then Restart your device
  • Download or Reinstall it again on your device such as Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

Now, open your reinstalled AOL Gold Desktop icon and if the same error exists, then Install AOL Desktop Gold again. You can also contact the AOL Gold Desktop support team to resolve this issue altogether. Some various executives are available for your help 24/7 hours.