How to fix AOL Desktop Error 212

AOL Desktop Gold offers a whole range of features with its software as it provides services including Mails, Search Engines, News, Games and others. It is highly known email service that you can use on your desktop or other devices. Sometimes you may encounter the error 212 in AOL Mail while sending mails to the other users from your AOL Desktop Gold user account. You will see a notification ‘Sorry for the annoyance. We are unable to perform your task because of error 212’. It is effortless to solve this error as it is a very common error. We have step by step guide for you to get rid of this problem. To work error-free or smoothly you can also Download the Latest Version of AOL Desktop Gold.

How do you recognize AOL Desktop Error 212

  • A notification will appear on your screen.
  • Your keyboard and mouse will work slow.
  • Your system will freeze or crash frequently.

Reasons for getting AOL Desktop Error 212

  • If you have corrupted installation of AOL Desktop Gold on your system.
  • Virus and Cyber Attack are very common these days, so this can be one of the reasons for this error, so its better to be cyber safe.
  • One major reason can be insider threats. For instance, any file in your system deliberately deleted or accidentally.
  • You have not Installed AOL Desktop updated version.

Now, let’s know the way to solve this error. Given below are some easy steps to fix this AOL Desktop Error 212 on your system.

Steps to fix AOL Desktop Error 212 :

Step 1 – Firstly search for any destruction or corruption in the registry files entries in the windows.

Step 2 – Scan if your system has any anti-virus, If yes run an anti-virus.

Step 3 – Update your system drive with the latest version.

Step 4 – Clean-up your unwanted files from the system by these steps:

  • Open control panel< Administrative Tools< Disc Clean-Up.
  • Now select the file you wish to run disc clean-up and choose all the unnecessary files.
  • Click OK and delete files.

Step 5 – Restore your window system and then uninstall and reinstall your AOL Desktop.

Step 6 – Update your windows with the latest version if it is not updated.

Step 7 – Now check the AOL Desktop install error 212 will be fixed on your system.

These troubleshoot will helps you to solve your AOL Desktop Error 212. This error commonly occurs at sometimes automatically fix on its own, but if not then our guidance will surely help to take you out from this difficulty. The steps given above are easy to follow and execute. For the smoother experience, you can Download AOL Desktop Gold on your system.

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