How to Enable Cookies in Browsers for Yahoo Mail

You often face trouble due to cookies of browsers and tend to delete or clear it always. The cookies are the small bits of information that stored in the computer and help you to access the things easily. If you have disabled the cookies for your Yahoo mail then you will face trouble to keep the sign in. That’s why all you need is to enable the cookies in the browser for Yahoo mail. You can contact to experts via Yahoo customer care number and ask them to resolve the problem you are facing. Within limited time duration, you can find the solution for all hiccups you face while sign in the Yahoo mail.

Enable cookies in Chrome browser:

To enable cookies on your computer you can follow the given steps:-

  • On your computer, click on “Chrome.”
  • Now click on “Settings” located at the top right.
  • Then click on “Advanced.”
  • Now click on content settings under the “Privacy & Security.”
  • Tap on “Cookies.”
  • At the last click on the “Turn on Cookies.”

Enable cookies on Android phone via given steps:-

  • Open the Chrome App.
  • From the right tap, click on Settings.
  • Now tap on the “Site settings”
  • Click on “Cookies” and then turn it on.

Note: In the iPhone and iPad the cookies automatically turned on. You don’t need to turn it on by yourself.

Resolve the issues due to disabled cookies:

Sometimes it happens that users get trouble to access their Google Account and get a message that their cookie is turn off. To fix this problem users can follow the same procedure for turn on the cookies on your device.

1. Turn on the cookies on the browser you prefer.
2. Now try to sign in the Google account.

If you are having the same problem again and again and want some troubleshooting steps, you should try to call technical experts. Via dialing Yahoo technical support number you can reach to trained experts and ask them for help. With the help of customer care executives, you will able to sort out the issues you are facing. Although you have turned on the cookies to keep your account sign in, keep in mind that you will require to clear them for time to time.