How to edit reconciliation in QuickBooks?

The reconciliation in the QuickBooks has a different meaning as when your business transactions don’t match with the bank records then it needs reconciliation to match up the data and all the transaction and entries. It is quite a boring job and needs focus while reconciling the records and no space is there for even a tiny error. But most of the times the users make mistakes while reconciling the transactions and need help for the same. In that case here you can find the perfect solution as you have to just follow the provided steps one by one in order to resolve the issue “How to edit reconciliation in QuickBooks”. If you failed to so by following the steps then there is another option for you by taking help from the certified experts QuickBooks customer care number 1-877-576-7455 who can assist you in resolving the issue in a quick manner.

Steps on how to edit reconciliation in QuickBooks:

Reconciliation can be done as many times as you need to do this. Human errors are possible and whenever you feel and find any mistake in a transaction then you have an option to reconcile your transactions.

Few steps which you need to follow in order to how to edit reconciliation in QuickBooks:

1. In the beginning, you have to launch your QuickBooks program and then need to navigate to the company.
2. Here from the top navigation bar, you have to choose the settings icon.
3. After that, you can see a drop-down list over here, and you have to select reconciliation tab from the options.
4. By doing so a reconciliation window will open where you have to just scroll down and you can find reconciliation history tab over here. Now you need to select the date range for which you required to see the reconciliation entries.
5. Now in this step, if you have re-reconciled or made some changes in an entry in the past then all it will be quite easier to track the changes from the changes tab.
6. In this step, if you want to make any edits into your already reconciled transaction, then you have to just click on the change tab.
7. Whatever you will change in any element which will allow you to match all the entry with the bank. Now whatever the changes you need, just do it and click on the save option.
8. After that just click on Exit to the currently displayed window.
9. Now you can see the same tab which was appeared before any changes. Now you have to just refresh the window and you can see all the changes will come to life.
10. After making all the changes, you have to just choose to close the window and exit from the process.

As it can be seen that by following the process above you can handle the process of editing the transaction entries and you reconcile the records in the QuickBooks with the Bank. It’s quite an easier process which you are required to follow in a proper manner. In case you failed to do so then there is another option in the form of QuickBooks technical support number where certified experts will assist you in a proper manner in order to resolve your issues which you are facing in the reconciliation of QuickBooks entries.

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