How do I make AOL Desktop Gold my default browser

The AOL Desktop Gold is a browser application. By the help of this browser, users can access emails, MI conversation and browse the internet. This browser is a new version of AOL Gold. Installation of AOL Desktop Gold is easier than before. It may possible that users of AOL browser users some different browsers as well. So, if they want to set AOL Desktop Gold as default browser then some steps are given below which you can follow. After following this step if still your problem remains same then use Download AOL Desktop Gold. On the number experts of tech support will resolve it and help you to change your default browser setting.  

Steps to make AOL Desktop Gold default browser:

There are some steps given which will help to change the default browser of your computer.

1.     First of all, you need to open browser AOL Desktop Gold

2.     Use your username  and password to log in

3.     Now click on setting icon.

4.     Open the general tap and then again click on the Make default button.

5.     Open a new window and from the default, apps tab go to web browser setting section.

6.     Now chose here AOL Desktop Gold from the drop-down menu.

7.     Now you have successfully change the default browser setting.

8.     Check for if AOL Desktop Gold works as your default browser.

If AOL Desktop works as default browser then it’s good. Enjoy your default browser to access AOL email, to communicate through MI conversion. Keep your online browsing safe and secure from cyber threats. Well, it may be due to compatibility issues you couldn’t change the default setting or default browser doesn’t work. If such condition happens to you then no need to take tension. Just reach to technical support team through Install AOL Desktop Gold 1-866-734-5438. This number is always open to every user so whenever any kind of technical problem occurs don’t worry. This number is 24 hours open for everyone.