Fix Com Error Crashes in QuickBooks

With the presence of so many exciting features of QuickBooks, this accounting software has become the first preference of the users worldwide. Nevertheless, it also has some snag which creates a hindrance for the users while using it. To amend these issues you can interact with customer care through QuickBooks customer care number available all day and night throughout the year. You will be delivered prompt response and on-time resolution of the problem.

How to Fix Com error crashes

Com error in QuickBooks is one such error which can occur while opening or emailing invoices, other transaction, and reports. You can fix this issue by going through the solution step given below in the blog:

 Set Outlook as Default mail App
• Open Control Panel< Default Program and then set your Default Program • Select MS Outlook and click ok to set it as default mail app  Add an email account to Outlook
• In Outlook, select add account to start the setup
• Enter the username and password to complete the setup process
 Create mail profile
• If no profile is attached with your outlook account then create one
• Go to Control Panel < Mail< Show Profile< and Add new profile by entering the name and email address • Then select to always use this profile  Repair MS-Office
• Click Start button, then select the application which you want to improve then tap on Modify
• You can run Online Repair to fix the issue in Office application
 Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode
• Click on QuickBooks icon and select to run it in compatibility mode
• Choose the option for compatibility and select Window 7 from the drop-down menu
• And hit enter to run this program as administrator

While performing these steps if you got confused or stuck in between then it’s time to get connected to QuickBooks customer support number where all your queries will be answered. The customer service is available to all without any restriction of time and location. The support team is known for delivering quick response and to troubleshoot the issue confronted as soon as possible.