How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 1242

There are millions of people who create their email account on Yahoo Mail to get best emailing services. Although Yahoo is one of the best email service provider yet the hiccups of Yahoo Mail irritate its users sometimes. Error code 1242 is one of the most common technical error which appears with Yahoo Mail. To find a complete solution for your email error code you need a helping hand from dexterous techies via Yahoo email customer care number. Through this number, you will be able to fix all kind of error related to Yahoo Mail.

Cause of Yahoo mail error code 1242:-

When you get an error while sending email even at the time of login your account. Below given reasons can leads to error code 1242 on your Yahoo Mail. You can have look on the causes of Yahoo mail error code 1242.

• Virus and malware infections.
• Corrupted system files.
• When an application is incompletely installed.
• Some important Windows system file has deleted.

The solution for Yahoo mail error code 1242:-
Well, when you encounter with Yahoo email error code 1242, you won’t be able to send mail or access your Yahoo email account. To get access to your email account once again you will have to follow the troubleshooting steps.

Through the given steps you will be able to solve the error code 1242.

• First of all, you should start your computer.
• Now you will have to log in as administrator.
• Tap on the start button & then select “All Programs.”
• Then you will have to click on “System Restore.”
• Wait for a while and then select the option “Restore My Computer.”
• Tap on the restore the point list.
• Now you will have to click on “Next” to confirm the list.
• Turn off your Computer and restart it.
• Enter the Yahoo Mail id and password to sign in your account.

Now you will have to check you are able to sign in your Yahoo mail and if you are not then simply call on Yahoo technical support number. This is the toll-free number of customer care on which skilled techies will answer your call as well as fix the problem via remote access. You will definitely find a complete solution for your email hitches 24×7 means all the time.

Yahoo Live Chat Support

The Yahoo Mail is known as the most reliable and amazing email service, and this is the reason why there are millions of active users of this email. Yahoo email is actively used by millions of active users to communicate with each other. On the other hand, if you will see the cons of Yahoo mail then you will find that you need expert’s assistance and the reason being is Yahoo Mail has some snags. To fix these snags you will have to contact to Yahoo customer care number which is always available to resolve the hiccups of email, whether it is related to signing in the problem or you have forgotten the password.

How can you find a solution for your Yahoo email issues?

When the users of Yahoo email is unable to resolve the issues, even they have tried all methods they can contact to customer support team. Some Yahoo users think that they can fix the email issue by themselves but it is not important that they will get success.

Even you are a techno guy, it may possible that you get confused and required some assistance for troubleshooting. If this is happening with you don’t need to worry and being frustrated, because it is a very common issue.
Here all you need to call customer care executives for troubleshooting without hesitation.

Get help for Yahoo Mail troubleshoot via live chat support!

Yes! Yahoo email live chat support is the best option to fix the email related all snags. You can ask the live chat assistance any question or how to fix the problem you are facing with Yahoo email.

The executives of live chat support will answer you for your question in the proper way by which you can sort out all issues that appear with your Yahoo email. If required you can also call on Yahoo technical support number. This is a toll-free number of customer care where your all issues will be fixed as soon as possible. You can contact customer care executives 24×7 because of this expert

Yahoo Email login

Yahoo Email login

Yahoo! Mail-No need any formal introduction about its services and features, and the reason being “Popularity of Yahoo! Mail.” Yahoo is the well-known email address that has been used by millions of active users for their professionals or personal use. For Yahoo Email login account users can either use the browser or email app that will let you access your Yahoo email account anytime from anywhere. Yahoo email app is also available for smartphone users. After all, have a glance at how you can log in the Yahoo Mail.

How to login the Yahoo mail?

There are two ways for login your Yahoo mail either you can choose browser or Yahoo mail app. Let’s have a look on the procedure that you will have to follow for login your Yahoo email.

Login Yahoo mail via browser:

If you have to log in the Yahoo account on desktop or tablet, you can use the browser. These given steps will help you for login Yahoo account.

1. Open the browser on your device that you prefer.
2. Visit at the website of Yahoo and click on the mail icon.
3. Now enter the email address and password.
4. Click on “Log in” button.
5. Finally, you have done.

You can check the inbox, important email folder or other for other work. If in case you have trouble to log in the Yahoo mail then you can opt for troubleshooting.

Login Yahoo mail via smartphone:

Yahoo! Mail has its own email application for smartphone users. You can download it on your smartphone and sign in the email. There is also one more option for Yahoo email login and that is you can add Yahoo mail on other email apps on your phone. Well, have a look how to log in Yahoo mail on a smartphone.

1. Unlock your smartphone and click on Yahoo email app.
2. When you will click on Yahoo email app then you will be asked to enter username & password.
3. Enter the Yahoo email address and password in the required field.
4. Click to continue button.

When you are not able to access the Yahoo mail via email due to any technical error, or have login error, or forgot the password. You should simply try to fix the problem. To get a complete solution for Yahoo mail login you can reach to customer care team. With the help of trained experts of Yahoo email customer support, you will find the complete solution for email issues either it is related to login or password recovery.

How to Enable Cookies in Browsers for Yahoo Mail

You often face trouble due to cookies of browsers and tend to delete or clear it always. The cookies are the small bits of information that stored in the computer and help you to access the things easily. If you have disabled the cookies for your Yahoo mail then you will face trouble to keep the sign in. That’s why all you need is to enable the cookies in the browser for Yahoo mail. You can contact to experts via Yahoo customer care number and ask them to resolve the problem you are facing. Within limited time duration, you can find the solution for all hiccups you face while sign in the Yahoo mail.

Enable cookies in Chrome browser:

To enable cookies on your computer you can follow the given steps:-

  • On your computer, click on “Chrome.”
  • Now click on “Settings” located at the top right.
  • Then click on “Advanced.”
  • Now click on content settings under the “Privacy & Security.”
  • Tap on “Cookies.”
  • At the last click on the “Turn on Cookies.”

Enable cookies on Android phone via given steps:-

  • Open the Chrome App.
  • From the right tap, click on Settings.
  • Now tap on the “Site settings”
  • Click on “Cookies” and then turn it on.

Note: In the iPhone and iPad the cookies automatically turned on. You don’t need to turn it on by yourself.

Resolve the issues due to disabled cookies:

Sometimes it happens that users get trouble to access their Google Account and get a message that their cookie is turn off. To fix this problem users can follow the same procedure for turn on the cookies on your device.

1. Turn on the cookies on the browser you prefer.
2. Now try to sign in the Google account.

If you are having the same problem again and again and want some troubleshooting steps, you should try to call technical experts. Via dialing Yahoo technical support number you can reach to trained experts and ask them for help. With the help of customer care executives, you will able to sort out the issues you are facing. Although you have turned on the cookies to keep your account sign in, keep in mind that you will require to clear them for time to time.

How to fix if Yahoo Email App not working on iPhone & Android

Nowadays it is really very simple and easy to access Yahoo mail because it has its own mail app. After download & install the Yahoo mail app you can anytime access your email account. If you haven’t idea about how to install this app on your iPhone or Android just ring Yahoo customer care number. On the call, technicians will guide you to install the app on Android or iPhone both.

After download, the app, what if you face that it stopped to work or response? In that situation, you can try these given steps for troubleshooting. But, if these steps don’t work and you are unable to solve the problem just contact to customer care.

Tricks to fix Yahoo mail app not responding trouble:

  • Fix error with two-way verification process and account key:
  • Check if your mail app has any trouble with its account key or two-step verification page.

  • Connection error:
  • Check and find if your email app has a connectivity problem. Try to fix the connectivity problem as soon as possible.

  • Restart the Yahoo mail app:
  • When you get that Yahoo mail stopped to work then quit the app. Now you should try to restart the mail app, it can fix the problem.

  • Reinstall the Yahoo mail app:
  • If you found that the Yahoo mail app is still showing trouble and you couldn’t access your account. Tap to reinstall the Yahoo mail on your iPhone or android both device. Then add Yahoo mail again on the app and opt for sign in.

Hope, above given steps, will sort out the problem that you are facing. But if not and issue remain as earlier. You need to get help through customer support team. Ring Yahoo customer support number and find a complete solution for the issues. The experts in customer care will fix the trouble anytime you want by its toll-free number. With the help of trained experts Yahoo mail customer care, you will resolve the problem within the limited time duration.

How to fix common errors in Yahoo email

It is impossible to find any product and services without any technical faults. Likewise in the present scenario, it is difficult to find a webmail service without any performance issue. This issues can arise in the form of error codes or waning and will restrict you from accessing your email at fullest. Yahoo email is not far from these errors. Users don’t have knowledge about every error which they confront so they rely on customer care to fix these error for them. You can reach support team via Yahoo customer care number reachable at the day as well as night round the clock.

The most common error which occurs while accessing Yahoo

The common errors which are faced by the users frequently:

  • Resetting password
  • Unable to sign-up for new email
  • Trouble activating two-step verification process
  • Not able to send and view the message
  • Witnessing unusual activity in the account
  • Unable to send email because of recipient email address is suspended or incorrect
  • Message not accepted for policy reason

How to Fix these error

Some of the common fixes which can solve all the errors without doing much hard work are listed below:

  • You can reset the password by entering recovery email address, phone number or by answering the security question associated with your account
  • Make sure to clear your cache, cookies, and history of your browser
  • Timely update of your browser is necessary
  • Unsubscribe those email which sends daily advertisement
  • Manage your spam folder by marking unknown sender’s email as ‘spam’
  • Be sure you have an active internet connection

You need to be extra cautious while using and managing your Yahoo mail. Instant help is available from the certified technician which can be availed through Yahoo customer support number accessible all day long without any restriction of time. Customer satisfaction and eliminating the problem is the main goal of professionals. They have the knowledge about each and every yahoo issue and will deliver the high-end solution in order to fix the technical glitch encountered from the roots. They make sure that you didn’t have to face the same issue again in future.

How to boost performance of yahoo mail

Yahoo mail is a great platform for people to send information on electronic devices through mail. There are enormously many advantages of yahoo mail which can be accessed by people like- has the most storage for free , saves the hard disk space, while using messenger you can chat without downloading anything, calendar services can be used for free, scans your emails for viruses. But there are some performance issues too which users experience so as to resolve these shortcomings you can always contact Yahoo customer care number. They are available 24×7 to help the people. Performance issue can be witnessed by you because it has lots ads in their page, if you have a backlog of mails, as it automatically save or update the program.

It is quite common to face issues with Yahoo Mail. Problems like mail not working, emails not being sent, password reset, login issues and many more occur frequently with users. But they can always try to troubleshoot the issue by themselves by following simple steps.

Solution: How to boost performance of yahoo mail

You can always boost the performance of your Yahoo mail by following simple steps-:

  • Erase backlog- You can erase all of your unnecessary previous mail which are of no use now.
  • Always use search bar – For searching any mail, document and image you can use search tab which can make your task easier.
  • Unsubscribe – Use unsubscribe option when you don’t want advertisement mail to hamper your task.
  • Avoid unwanted mails- If you are still receiving unwanted mails you can avoid mail from particular sender by using “more” menu which is available in your inbox.

Still if you are facing some glitch while using Yahoo mail at any time of day just take help from team of experts by calling them at Yahoo customer support number, they will provide you better solution and assist you in every step so that you can resolve the performance based issue. The support team stays available 24 hours of the day online for the resolution of customer queries.

How to fix hacked Yahoo account

Hacking has become a burning issue these days, you can hear some or other person being affected with their email account being hacked. Same is the case with Yahoo email users as they often suspect unknown activities in their accounts. If your Yahoo account has also been hacked then you need to instantly reach out to Yahoo customer care number for taking guidance from the experts to get your hacked email back.

If your account is hacked, the first thing you have to ensure that, are you able to access your account? If yes, then quickly change the password to the strong one. Immediately request a password reset using the Password Helper. You can also try some methods given under.

Fixing Hacked Yahoo account

  • Change your password: log in to your Yahoo email account and click the gear icon. Select the Account info option. Visit account security tab where you have the option to change your password. If you see any suspected activity, change it back.
  • Look for signs of a hacked account: if there are any spam and other messages sent from your account that you did not send or some emails have been deleted then these are the signs of compromised account
  • Add extra security: from saving your account from being hacked in near future you must always enable the ‘Two-step verification’ option present on your account security page. To activate it, you will need to provide your phone number and Yahoo will send you a validation code.
  • Report suspicious activity: don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity you find with your account. Click the ‘My account’ button on the help page and follow the on-screen guide.
  • Avoid future hacks: it is recommended to use antivirus software and also keep it updated. Do not share personal information over the internet and be aware of email scams and never click on any links in the messages.

To decrease the chances of your account being hacked, change your password often and never set a guessable or obvious password. For more information, you can take guidance from Yahoo customer support number that stays available 24×7 online.


Error codes are the warning accompanied by a message which tells you about the faults in your account or hardware or software of your system. It restricts users to not proceed forward and hamper their task. While using Yahoo webmail users also face some error code which blocks their way to use the email account properly. In a situation like this get connected with Yahoo customer care number where you will get timely attention and immediate response.

Yahoo mail error 550 is SMTP error where users outgoing email are not delivered because of authentication issue. The full message is “Error code 550” or “Recipient not authorized”. The main causes of why this error arises are:

  • Email address is not valid
  • If your IP address is blocked
  • Your email address fails in authentication check
  • If you are sending invalid content
  • When your SMTP connection is invalid

How to recognize Yahoo mail error 550

  • Not able to access email account for short period of time
  • It promotes spamming of emails
  • Can’t send a message to the particular email recipient
  • This error message will haunt you at regular interval

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error 550

In order to fix this issue you must follow the guidelines given below:

  • You must be the administrator to fix this issue has only admin of the server has the right to apply changes
  • Remove the email address which is causing the error
  • You should possess good email sending reputation, Url, sender and domain reputation
  • Make certain that you’re your email address is not corrupted by a spammer

These fixes are easy to implement. After applying these you are most likely to resolve your issue but what if the error codes still persist. Then you must immediately interact with a team of experts via Yahoo customer support number who are reachable at all-time despite time and location constraints. They are known for providing instant help and robust solution for every technical glitches user confront while accessing Yahoo email account. The services delivered by the technicians are effective and worth attaining.

Turn on Vacation mode on Yahoo Mail

The email Yahoo has various features which are enough to entertain its users and make their work easy. Now if you have a new version of Yahoo Mail then you can set up the vacation mode which will auto-reply for your emails. If you love traveling but don’t want to spoil your vacation due to pop up notification of Yahoo Mail, this feature is for you. When you have to turn on the vacation mode on your Yahoo Mail then you can simply get the help of customer care team. Try Yahoo customer care number 1-877-576-7455 and ask them to rectify the email issues. Well, on this blog some steps are also described which you can try to turn on this feature. With the help of below steps, you will able to set up the vacation auto-reply on Yahoo Mail.

Set up vacation auto-reply in yahoo mail panel

• Click on the setting gear in Yahoo mail.
• Now visit in the category of vacation response option.
• Click to enable the automatic response category option.
• Here you have to specify the auto responder section in Yahoo Mail.
• Choose the name of the person whom you want, in the sent section.
• Type the reply for sending all incoming emails.
• You can use toolbar for text formatting.
• Finally, click on “Yes” for notification option.
• Click on submit button to make changes.

These steps are simple to perform and users can enjoy this feature to have a hassle-free vacation. If in case you are not getting the ways to turn it on due to confusion. Just get in touch with customer care team. With the help of trained and experienced technicians, you will able to turn on the vacation mode. Just use Yahoo customer support number and get in touch with an experienced team of customer service. The technical team of trained experts 24 X 7 provide their customer support service. So you can rectify all kind of issues as soon as possible which appear with Yahoo Mail.