6 Easy Steps to Enable Class Tracking Option in QuickBooks

The accounting software QuickBooks has approx. 2.2 million users due to its excellent features. To run your business smoothly you can install this amazing software that will help to keep an eye on your business all the time. Well, if you want to enable the class tracking option in your QuickBooks software then you can perform given steps. In case you get confused or need help call on QuickBooks customer care number. Through this toll-free number, you can ask trained experts for assistance. The experts will resolve your problem. Now have a focus on the given instructions.

Way to enable class tracking option:

Step 1: Open the QuickBooks software and then go to the edit option. Now go to the subcategory & click on “Class tracking” feature.
Step 2: Click on this feature after select the preference button. Choose the option “Use Class Tracking” by clicking “Ok.”
Step 3: Now you will have to open the drop-down menu to select the class category. This will be located at the menu bar.
Step 4: Just next to the class button you will get an arrow tap. Click on it and select the option to create a new class.
Step 5: Enter the name into the class and select the subclass. Now enter the complete details.
Step 6: Select the same expense input and add it to the class. Now you can track the QuickBooks software transitions via just one click.

Finally, you have done! You have successfully enabled the Class tracking option in your QuickBooks software. But if you have any trouble than simply contact customer care team. Via QuickBooks customer support number you can reach to experts and ask them for help. With the help of trained and experienced experts, you find a complete solution for QuickBooks related issues. Now you don’t need to worry when experts in customer care are ready to help you with troubleshooting the QuickBooks software hitches. The service of customer care is 24×7 available for fix it. You can reach to them anytime you need their assistance.

How to fix QuickBooks running slow issue in multi-user mode

Is your QuickBooks misbehaving? Is the software running slow in multi-user mode? And you don’t know the right way to fix the issue! Then you are reading the right blog. Here you will get to know about the causes and solution related to your QuickBooks issue. You can take help from the QuickBooks customer care number to resolve the issue instantly or can also try the troubleshooting steps to perform yourself.

QuickBooks is Intuit Inc’s set of software solutions designed to manage inventory, sales, payroll, employee accounts and other accounting needs at one place. This software is widely used by the small and medium scale organizations to make their tedious task of accounting quite easier. This software can be accessed by more than one person at a time but it becomes quite slow while in multi-user mode.

Causes of QuickBooks running slow

  • Multi-user access on one module at the same time
  • Data file size might be too large
  • Slow computer processing
  • Improper or unstable network

Solution: how to fix QuickBooks running slow in multi-user mode

  • Try to decrease the data range on a big report
  • Use only one module at a time and minimize the number of users
  • Ensure to save the data file on the fastest computer network
  • Replace the network interface card, if using
  • Try to establish and improve the data connection

It is much important to recognize the right type of symptom that is causing the software to run slowly. It is even not necessary that the performance issue may occur in multi-user mode, it can occur at the time of single user too. QuickBooks can cause other issues overtime like error message or data unable to upload or another, so it always recommended to update the software from time to time.

In case if you face any trouble while fixing the issue, then try to contact the QuickBooks customer support number, where you will be helped by the certified technician in sorting out the issue in the least minimum time. The support team can be reached at any time of the day.

How to Remove Updates of QuickBooks

There are various accounting software available in the market including QuickBooks. This is one of the best accounting software used by millions of entrepreneurs. This software is specially designed to manage the records, keep accounting updates safe and much more. It auto-included taxes on the invoice, accept payment, tracks the cash flow and so on. Often the QuickBooks developers release the updates.

But still, there is no way to remove the QB updates. If you will have to remove the QuickBooks update then you can do it manually. Steps are given below, to get more about it dial QuickBooks customer care number and reach to technical experts for troubleshooting. Well, follow the troubleshooting steps one by one in sequence and get the desired result. These steps are simply to perform for all but if you get trouble don’t take stress.

Step 1.
Click on the “Start” menu of your computer. Now open the control panel. If you are using old Windows version then select the option “Settings” and then tap to “Control panel.”

Step 2.
Open the “Control Panel” and then click on “Add or remove programs” icon. It will depend on which Windows OS version you are using.

Step 3.
Now from the list of installed programs, highlight the “QuickBooks” and tap to remove it completely. When the QuickBooks get uninstalled, then make sure if any download is available on your computer. If it is then uninstalled that.

Step 4.
Finally, place the QuickBooks installation CD in your computer disk drive, now you will get an automatic installation on your computer. Tap on the option “Next” and proceed to install and reinstall the QuickBooks software.

Now, you will install the original version of QuickBooks. But if you found any error or issues while performing this procedure get help via the customer care team. You can simply ring QuickBooks customer support number which is a toll-free number. Ask the technical support team to help you and fix the problem you are facing. You can ring this number 24×7 and contact with trained and skilled experts in customer care for troubleshooting.

How to resolve error Code 31600 in QuickBooks

With the introduction of QuickBooks managing and handling finance and account is like a cake walk for the accountants and bankers. While using this accounting software user can get themselves tangled into the web of error and bugs and end up interrupting the workflow. So as to resume the work without any difficulty the error should be resolved within the certain time period. Only professionals with complete knowledge of QuickBooks can resolve the QB errors in an effective manner so that it may not occur in near future. You can avail the service of customer care by reaching them at QuickBooks customer care number accessible at all hours.

QB error 31600 is one such error internal error that can hamper the workflow of business resulting in a financial loss if not resolved in time. This error occurs when the user is adding or deleting access to the accountant. Error 31600 can arise in several scenarios

  • While creating a backup and portable file
  • At the time of creating a company file
  • While saving transaction
  • When the user is trying to access the already opened file
  • At the time of downloading latest payroll updates
  • Opening window in the QB

How to resolve error code 31600

In order to rectify this critical error you must follow the sequence of troubleshooting steps:
Investigate how many users are affected

  • Configure user and password for the company
  • Go to Company menu> Setup user. In case of Enterprise user click Company> users.
  • Click Select> set up users and roles
  • Add user and then enter username and password. If required customize the user
  • Click on finish to complete the process. And try logging to company file using a new credential

Create a new Administrator

  • Click Setting> Account> Family and other users then select to add someone
  • Select Add user without Microsoft account after that enter the account name and select the account type.
  • Once done with this save it.

If you fail to perform the steps as given then try to interact with customer care via QuickBooks technical support number available 24 hours in a day round the year. Customer satisfaction and on-time resolution for the problem resolution is the end goal of the support team.

Fix Com Error Crashes in QuickBooks

With the presence of so many exciting features of QuickBooks, this accounting software has become the first preference of the users worldwide. Nevertheless, it also has some snag which creates a hindrance for the users while using it. To amend these issues you can interact with customer care through QuickBooks customer care number available all day and night throughout the year. You will be delivered prompt response and on-time resolution of the problem.

How to Fix Com error crashes

Com error in QuickBooks is one such error which can occur while opening or emailing invoices, other transaction, and reports. You can fix this issue by going through the solution step given below in the blog:

 Set Outlook as Default mail App
• Open Control Panel< Default Program and then set your Default Program • Select MS Outlook and click ok to set it as default mail app  Add an email account to Outlook
• In Outlook, select add account to start the setup
• Enter the username and password to complete the setup process
 Create mail profile
• If no profile is attached with your outlook account then create one
• Go to Control Panel < Mail< Show Profile< and Add new profile by entering the name and email address • Then select to always use this profile  Repair MS-Office
• Click Start button, then select the application which you want to improve then tap on Modify
• You can run Online Repair to fix the issue in Office application
 Run QuickBooks in Compatibility Mode
• Click on QuickBooks icon and select to run it in compatibility mode
• Choose the option for compatibility and select Window 7 from the drop-down menu
• And hit enter to run this program as administrator

While performing these steps if you got confused or stuck in between then it’s time to get connected to QuickBooks customer support number where all your queries will be answered. The customer service is available to all without any restriction of time and location. The support team is known for delivering quick response and to troubleshoot the issue confronted as soon as possible.

How to fix QuickBooks payroll subscription issue

The word Payroll is confusing in itself and when it comes with QuickBooks then you can imagine how complicated it can become. QuickBooks are used mostly by businessman and accountant for accounting purpose and getting payroll feature in it will act as a bonus for you in performing a task like maintaining payment of the employees, their salary along with incentives, reimbursement, and bonuses and many more features. But handling QuickBooks can be tricky as users all over the world face hurdles while using, in a situation like this you can get in touch with QuickBooks customer care number 1-877-576-7455 which is available at all the hours to guide and assist you.

QuickBooks Payroll subscription

Users may find it difficult to find payroll solution of their choice and if they find if they are not able to complete the procedure without getting any error message. One very common issue is “PS036 There is a problem verifying your payroll subscription” faced when users are trying to upload payroll to tax table. This error can occur because of many reasons:

  • Payroll subscription is inactive
  • Incorrect Service key, EIN or PSID
  • Product not updated
  • Damaged QuickBooks desktop files i.e. paysub.ini
  • Data is damaged

How to fix QuickBooks payroll subscription issue

You need to follow some basic steps in case you face any issue related to QuickBooks Payroll subscription:

  • Re-register and subscribe your QuickBooks Payroll once again
  • Recheck all the detail entered by you and make sure it is updated from time to time

The steps you need to follow in order to solve the error in verifying your payroll subscription:

  • Make sure to have the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop release and Tax table release
  • Reboot your computer and run payroll update again
  • Reset QuickBooks Desktop update

QuickBooks payroll service plays a major role in every organization and so you must work and handle it perfectly. And while doing so if you confront any glitches feel free to take help of customer care by connecting with QuickBooks customer support number who are online 24×7. The support team is always at service to give an effective resolution of the problem in the stipulated time frame.

How to create an invoice from an estimate in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is not just an accounting software but it manages all the statistical needs of an organization. From preparing vendor lists to making balance sheets and arranging employee salaries, you can do any accounting related task in this software. But at certain times, users of this software face some issues in creating an invoice from an estimate in the software, if you are also confronting similar issue then you must reach out to QuickBooks customer care number which is available 24 hours of the day for the resolution of this software related issues.
A customer invoice can be easily created from an estimate in the QuickBooks. An invoice is an itemized bill issued by a seller listing the goods and services supplied to the buyer containing individual prices, total charges, and the terms. By performing some troubleshooting steps you can easily create an invoice from an estimate in QuickBooks.

How to create an Invoice from the estimate in QuickBooks

Step 1: Open your software, on your dashboard, go to the ‘Invoices’ option from the estimate and click send your first invoice.
Step 2: Select the customer you are invoicing to and add details then save to customer list
Step 3: Select the Payment Terms
Step 4: Enter what you sold
Step 5: Email the invoice
Step 6: Preview and customize your invoice
Step 7: Add your logo file. Usually, QuickBooks matches the template colors of your logo. If you would like to have a different color from the logo, just pick it on the image.
Step 8: Change your invoice template from the variety of looks to choose from. On the left panel there are many options, pick one and save.
Step 9: Set up online payments by clicking on getting set up and filling out an application
Step 10: Send your invoice

It is quite easy to create an invoice from an estimate but in case if you find it quite difficult then it is advised to take help from QuickBooks customer support number, where the certified technicians will provide you an appropriate solution to the issue in the least possible time.

How to remove a bank account from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most useful accounting software made to date. It provides you with a long and powerful list of features. You can manage and organize all your accounting needs in one software. It is commonly used by the users worldwide for their small to medium sized business organizations. It is mandatory for using the software that the user has to enable an active bank account connected with it. So that all payments and incoming money can be smoothly functioned. If you want to instantly remove the account, you can reach out for QuickBooks customer care number which is available online for the solution of issues.

Leaving your bank account connected with QuickBooks helps you save much of your manual work as all the entries get automatically synced with your books. Deleting your account will only be useful if you do not use that bank account anymore.

Steps to remove the bank account from QuickBooks

  • From the topmost navigation panel, click on the settings
  • From the drop-down menu, choose COA
  • Now select the bank account you would like to permanently delete
  • From the set of predefined actions, choose to delete your account
  • You will see a confirmation message
  • Click ‘OK’ and your account will be removed forever.

You can also choose to disconnect your bank account if you do not want to remove it permanently.

Disconnecting your bank account from Quickbooks

  • With your Quickbooks logged in, click on the transactions
  • Click on bankings tab
  • Choose your preferred account to delete
  • Choose the pencil-like icon and click on edit
  • Click on options that say ‘disconnect’
  • Choose to save the preferences

By doing the needful steps you can remove permanently as well disconnect temporarily your bank account from the QuickBooks. In the hour of need, you can always take help from the QuickBooks customer support number, where the trained technicians will provide required support for your query. The technicians are well versed with the issues related to the software and they provide a long-lasting solution.

How to fix QuickBooks desktop performance issue

Are you facing problems while using QuickBooks Desktop? Your company file may be the root cause. It is often noticed that the performance of QuickBooks software decreases over time, but the reason mainly is an increase in the size of company file. At certain times, users of QuickBooks have faced performance issue while using the software. It sometimes starts to misbehave in terms of a performance getting slower, processing takes many times and much more but QuickBooks customer care number always acts as the point of rescue which can be reached out 24×7 online.

QuickBooks is an accounting software made for making the tasks related to accounting much easier in terms of costs and time-saving. Nearly 80 percent of small and medium scale organizations use QuickBooks as the primary option for managing their accounting needs. QuickBooks makes it simple to organize bills, payments, vendor activities, invoice, account statements and much more. Even the mobile application of QuickBooks makes the task much easier as it can be accessed anywhere anytime.

Fixing QuickBooks Desktop Performance Issue

Below are some solutions for fixing QuickBooks Desktop performance issue.

Solution 1: Update your QuickBooks Software to the newest version.
Solution 2: Create a backup file to reset the TLG file and resort lists
Solution 3: Test speed with the help of UNC path and desktop
Solution 4: Perform disk fragmentation
Solution 5: Dispute third-party programs and anti-virus software’s
Solution 6: Check for performance issues within the company file in QuickBooks

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions for fixing the performance issue of QuickBooks desktop, do make sure that the size of your company file is minimum, your computer RAM is improved, look for the storage location of your company file. When there will be more space, your QuickBooks will run smoothly and will give higher performance. It is highly recommended that you must take help of the certified technical team of technicians for any type of support related to fixing the QuickBooks desktop performance issue by getting access to the QuickBooks customer support number which works every time of the day.

How to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password

The accounting software QuickBooks shows plenty of technical issues which can irritate its users. Some issues occur due to lack of knowledge like users want to reset the QB admin password, but failed. If you are users of QuickBooks and want to recover the administrator password but don’t know how you can. Try the steps described on this blog which will help you. If you are confused about how to follow the steps then reach to the customer care team. Through QuickBooks customer care number you can get help via technical support. Well, if you want then try these simple steps for troubleshooting.

Steps to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password:

1. Go to the official website of the QuickBooks and fill the form.
2. After filling the form when you submit the form you will ask to enter email in the email field.
3. To reset the administration password this email will incorporate as token number act as secret key during the procedure of approval.
4. Now sign in the email and record than the token number.
5. Click to the connection for executable.
6. Now after download you will see a layout for a token request for company file location. You will find two password key from the field.
7. Now fill the form and then submit, start the verification process and wait for reset the password.
8. Once you will complete the process your will able to sign in the QuickBooks company record with the help of new admin password.

It might be you have any doubt and want a solution for that. You need to get help via customer care team. Try QuickBooks customer support number which is always available for its customers. The trained technicians of QuickBooks software tech support are always ready to help its customers. Any kind of problem you face related to QB software don’t delay to fix it. When can you find an instant solution for your issues then why to wait? Use the toll-free number of customer care and ask trained experts to troubleshoot the problem.