Error codes are the warning accompanied by a message which tells you about the faults in your account or hardware or software of your system. It restricts users to not proceed forward and hamper their task. While using Yahoo webmail users also face some error code which blocks their way to use the email account properly. In a situation like this get connected with Yahoo customer care number where you will get timely attention and immediate response.

Yahoo mail error 550 is SMTP error where users outgoing email are not delivered because of authentication issue. The full message is “Error code 550” or “Recipient not authorized”. The main causes of why this error arises are:

  • Email address is not valid
  • If your IP address is blocked
  • Your email address fails in authentication check
  • If you are sending invalid content
  • When your SMTP connection is invalid

How to recognize Yahoo mail error 550

  • Not able to access email account for short period of time
  • It promotes spamming of emails
  • Can’t send a message to the particular email recipient
  • This error message will haunt you at regular interval

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error 550

In order to fix this issue you must follow the guidelines given below:

  • You must be the administrator to fix this issue has only admin of the server has the right to apply changes
  • Remove the email address which is causing the error
  • You should possess good email sending reputation, Url, sender and domain reputation
  • Make certain that you’re your email address is not corrupted by a spammer

These fixes are easy to implement. After applying these you are most likely to resolve your issue but what if the error codes still persist. Then you must immediately interact with a team of experts via Yahoo customer support number who are reachable at all-time despite time and location constraints. They are known for providing instant help and robust solution for every technical glitches user confront while accessing Yahoo email account. The services delivered by the technicians are effective and worth attaining.

Turn on Vacation mode on Yahoo Mail

The email Yahoo has various features which are enough to entertain its users and make their work easy. Now if you have a new version of Yahoo Mail then you can set up the vacation mode which will auto-reply for your emails. If you love traveling but don’t want to spoil your vacation due to pop up notification of Yahoo Mail, this feature is for you. When you have to turn on the vacation mode on your Yahoo Mail then you can simply get the help of customer care team. Try Yahoo customer care number 1-866-734-5438 and ask them to rectify the email issues. Well, on this blog some steps are also described which you can try to turn on this feature. With the help of below steps, you will able to set up the vacation auto-reply on Yahoo Mail.

Set up vacation auto-reply in yahoo mail panel

• Click on the setting gear in Yahoo mail.
• Now visit in the category of vacation response option.
• Click to enable the automatic response category option.
• Here you have to specify the auto responder section in Yahoo Mail.
• Choose the name of the person whom you want, in the sent section.
• Type the reply for sending all incoming emails.
• You can use toolbar for text formatting.
• Finally, click on “Yes” for notification option.
• Click on submit button to make changes.

These steps are simple to perform and users can enjoy this feature to have a hassle-free vacation. If in case you are not getting the ways to turn it on due to confusion. Just get in touch with customer care team. With the help of trained and experienced technicians, you will able to turn on the vacation mode. Just use Yahoo customer support number and get in touch with an experienced team of customer service. The technical team of trained experts 24 X 7 provide their customer support service. So you can rectify all kind of issues as soon as possible which appear with Yahoo Mail.

ATT Email login problem

While logging into ATT email, users all over the world face some common hurdles which can be frustrating at the time. You can easily solve these problems on your own by performing some easy and quick steps. But it is recommended to get in touch with AT&T customer care number to get more and detailed knowledge of problem confronted and steps required in resolving the issue. The team of experts are available 24×7 despite time and location constraints to assist the users.

att email customer support
ATT Email Customer Support

The problems which generally occur while you are trying to log in are:

  • Internet connection issue
  • Browser issue
  • Username and Password issue

ATT email login problem

In order to solve the issue you need to know the exact reason and cause of the problem then only you can begin the solution process. You need to follow the guidelines given in this blog to make your task easy and get the desired result.

1. For connection issue
If the problem is due to no or limited internet connection then

  • Restart or reboot the Wi-Fi and router
  • Remove the cables and then connect them properly

2. Browser issue

Make sure your browser is up-to-date with the latest version installed

  • Clear web cache, cookies, and history of the browser
  • Enable the updated Adobe Flash Player
  • Check the firewall, anti-virus setting and if it is enabled then disable it and test if the email is working or not.

3. Username and Password issue

  • Forgot your ATT User ID? Then you can retrieve it by entering recovery email address and then by clicking on the prompt asking how you want to get the username. And check your mail for the same
  • In case of a password, you can either answer the recovery email address field or answer the security question filled at the time of signup. This will take you to the window containing a link for creating a new password.

If you the problem of logging int ATT account still persist then you can reach AT&T customer support number who are online at all the times to give the prompt and instant resolution of the problem faced. The certified professional are on their feet to give helping hand to the users and sort out the issues for them without any delay.

How to fix QuickBooks payroll subscription issue

The word Payroll is confusing in itself and when it comes with QuickBooks then you can imagine how complicated it can become. QuickBooks are used mostly by businessman and accountant for accounting purpose and getting payroll feature in it will act as a bonus for you in performing a task like maintaining payment of the employees, their salary along with incentives, reimbursement, and bonuses and many more features. But handling QuickBooks can be tricky as users all over the world face hurdles while using, in a situation like this you can get in touch with QuickBooks customer care number 1-866-734-5438 which is available at all the hours to guide and assist you.

QuickBooks Payroll subscription

Users may find it difficult to find payroll solution of their choice and if they find if they are not able to complete the procedure without getting any error message. One very common issue is “PS036 There is a problem verifying your payroll subscription” faced when users are trying to upload payroll to tax table. This error can occur because of many reasons:

  • Payroll subscription is inactive
  • Incorrect Service key, EIN or PSID
  • Product not updated
  • Damaged QuickBooks desktop files i.e. paysub.ini
  • Data is damaged

How to fix QuickBooks payroll subscription issue

You need to follow some basic steps in case you face any issue related to QuickBooks Payroll subscription:

  • Re-register and subscribe your QuickBooks Payroll once again
  • Recheck all the detail entered by you and make sure it is updated from time to time

The steps you need to follow in order to solve the error in verifying your payroll subscription:

  • Make sure to have the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop release and Tax table release
  • Reboot your computer and run payroll update again
  • Reset QuickBooks Desktop update

QuickBooks payroll service plays a major role in every organization and so you must work and handle it perfectly. And while doing so if you confront any glitches feel free to take help of customer care by connecting with QuickBooks customer support number who are online 24×7. The support team is always at service to give an effective resolution of the problem in the stipulated time frame.

How to print messages and files from Yahoo mail

Are you facing any issues in printing messages and files from Yahoo mail? Then you are reading the right blog. Here you will know about the right steps to solve the issue. There are many users out there who don’t know how to take a print from Yahoo mail. So it is highly recommended to take help from Yahoo customer care number that can be reached 24×7 online.

Printing messages and files in Yahoo mail need a different procedure. Emails are not normally printed, but this email client makes it possible to do so. You can try the below-mentioned troubleshooting steps to sort out the issue effortlessly.

Solution: How to print messages and files from Yahoo mail

These are the steps that can be adapted to print a specific email or whole conversation from Yahoo:

  • Open the messages that you want to take print of
  • Now press P
  • Go to more> Print menu option at the top of page
  • Now print an individual message from a conversation
  • Use more> Print menu at the bottom of the email
  • After that click on Print link at the top left of the print window
  • Now use your browser’s printing option to print the page

Or you can follow this process also:

  • Open the message in your email
  • Choose download option
  • Now save the file
  • Open the download attachment
  • Print it using computer printing interface

With this facility of Yahoo, you can take a print of any messages you want to without any hassles. Even there is lot more you can do with this email service like you can change themes, set the emails as per your preference and also block the spams from coming into your inbox.

Just by following the procedure of steps that are given above, you can easily fix the issue of printing the messages and files. You can also get in touch with Yahoo customer support number where the technicians will resolve the issue at the earliest. They are well versed in dealing with this email related issues.

How to create an invoice from an estimate in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is not just an accounting software but it manages all the statistical needs of an organization. From preparing vendor lists to making balance sheets and arranging employee salaries, you can do any accounting related task in this software. But at certain times, users of this software face some issues in creating an invoice from an estimate in the software, if you are also confronting similar issue then you must reach out to QuickBooks customer care number which is available 24 hours of the day for the resolution of this software related issues.
A customer invoice can be easily created from an estimate in the QuickBooks. An invoice is an itemized bill issued by a seller listing the goods and services supplied to the buyer containing individual prices, total charges, and the terms. By performing some troubleshooting steps you can easily create an invoice from an estimate in QuickBooks.

How to create an Invoice from the estimate in QuickBooks

Step 1: Open your software, on your dashboard, go to the ‘Invoices’ option from the estimate and click send your first invoice.
Step 2: Select the customer you are invoicing to and add details then save to customer list
Step 3: Select the Payment Terms
Step 4: Enter what you sold
Step 5: Email the invoice
Step 6: Preview and customize your invoice
Step 7: Add your logo file. Usually, QuickBooks matches the template colors of your logo. If you would like to have a different color from the logo, just pick it on the image.
Step 8: Change your invoice template from the variety of looks to choose from. On the left panel there are many options, pick one and save.
Step 9: Set up online payments by clicking on getting set up and filling out an application
Step 10: Send your invoice

It is quite easy to create an invoice from an estimate but in case if you find it quite difficult then it is advised to take help from QuickBooks customer support number, where the certified technicians will provide you an appropriate solution to the issue in the least possible time.

AT&T Password reset step by step

The webmail AT&T is known for its amazing quality services, including two-step verification process. Still, there is little bit chance that cyber threats steal personal details, hack an email account. To avoid such situation and protect your email account you should reset the password frequently.

Those users who want assistance to reset the AT&T email password can perform the procedure given here. In case of doubt, users can get in touch with customer care. By using

AT&T customer care number

users can reach to experts. Well, let’s see the steps given below one by one to reset the AT&T password.

Steps to reset the AT&T password:

1. First of all open the browser on your device
2. Visit at forgot password page of AT&T
3. Then select the option “password”
4. Now you will be asked to enter the email address.
5. Type your last name in the required box.
6. Click to continue the step.
7. Now you will find a drop-down menu and select the password recovery option
8. You can opt for “Security questions”/Secondary email/phone number.
9. After selecting the “Password recovery” option you need to follow on-screen prompts.
10. Tap to continue and create a new password for an email account.
11. In the next box re-enter the new password for confirmation.
12. Click to continue & finish the steps.

Now at the last, you should make sure that you can access your AT&T email with the help of new password. The given steps are simple to follow but if you are facing trouble or have doubt. Just get in touch with customer support. You can use AT&T customer support number which is 24 hours available to its customers. The technical team of customer support has trained technicians who are dedicated to their work. The service of customer care is available for its users without any disturbance 24/7. Users can reach to customer care not only when they have reset their password but to find the solution for all issues. When AT&T technical support team is always available for its users then you don’t need to worry about issues.

Yahoo mail introduced a new interface for best user experience

Yahoo email is one of the oldest emailing services. It started for making the user interaction process more comfortable regardless of time and boundaries. With the introduction of this email, people worldwide started adopting it and soon it became famous. Yahoo always works on making the user experience more commendable and easier in terms of better interface. Recently, this email service introduced new interface and if you are unaware of that then you must connect with Yahoo customer care number 1-866-734-5438 for further information regarding the new interface.

Yahoo mail has declared huge changes in its interface including a revamped outline, modernized themes and much more. Some of the new additions are mentioned below.

Refreshed designs – The email interface has become cleaner and easier to use with many updates to the layout. Themes can be personalized with less clutter and a new set of emoticons to express your emotions.

Faster searching – you can effortlessly search what you need in the more organized way. With the photos and document view, you can conveniently see all the attachments. The interface has become faster and more responsive. Even you can go for the rich preview.

Personalize your inbox according to your preferences – you can customize your Yahoo email with the help of simple and easy settings. Even you can choose the inbox that suits you best. However, if you fed up quite easily then you can always switch to the classic mail at the bottom.

The configuration has also been refreshed for smoother experience – users can experience better functioning

Accessible for global English dialect clients – users with global English dialect can use it

With so many newer additions, Yahoo has made the emailing experience more simplified and interesting for its users. You can enjoy your Yahoo mail from a desktop browser or even through your mobile device be it mobile phone or tablet. If you find yourself unable to use the new feature additions then you must reach out to Yahoo technical support number for further and instant assistance. You will be guided by the expert team in using the features in the best possible way and changing them as per your requirements.

How to fix inability to download attachments in ATT Email

Have you been facing issues while downloading attachments in ATT? Is your email not supporting the images or videos? Don’t panic! You are not the only one who is facing such issues, there are many users of this webmail provider who often face such difficulties. In this blog, you will get a solution to your concerned issue of attachments. Among many issues, some can be solved through troubleshooting, but some require expert advice and that you can get from AT&T customer care number 1-866-734-5438, where you will be assisted by the trained technicians who will sort out your issue.

If you are not able to send attachments then it could be related to browser settings, file size, file name or unsupported file encryption or something else. Following are some points that you can follow to resolve the issue.

Solution: Fixing the download attachment issue in ATT Email

  • First, check your browser settings – check if the browser you are using is supported by the mail service. If it is supported, then clear the cookies and cache.
  • Reduce file size – if you are not able to send attachment then it could be due to its larger file size. This email supports attachments up to
  • Remove any special characters from file name – check if you are unable to send the attached file, consists of any special characters or symbol, this may be the obstruction.
  • Reformat encrypted files – this email has an option of encryption, but it only works when both the sender and receiver have unlocked Try to get it in an unencrypted format and see if it works.
  • Slow network connection – this problem also occurs due to slow or bad network connection, try getting it at high speed.

By the solutions provided above, you can easily download the attachments, but if those did not work too, then directly reach out to AT&T customer support number, which can be contacted any time of the day. The team of experts will take your issue on priority and help you in resolving it in the least possible time.

How to remove a bank account from QuickBooks

QuickBooks is the most useful accounting software made to date. It provides you with a long and powerful list of features. You can manage and organize all your accounting needs in one software. It is commonly used by the users worldwide for their small to medium sized business organizations. It is mandatory for using the software that the user has to enable an active bank account connected with it. So that all payments and incoming money can be smoothly functioned. If you want to instantly remove the account, you can reach out for QuickBooks customer care number which is available online for the solution of issues.

Leaving your bank account connected with QuickBooks helps you save much of your manual work as all the entries get automatically synced with your books. Deleting your account will only be useful if you do not use that bank account anymore.

Steps to remove the bank account from QuickBooks

  • From the topmost navigation panel, click on the settings
  • From the drop-down menu, choose COA
  • Now select the bank account you would like to permanently delete
  • From the set of predefined actions, choose to delete your account
  • You will see a confirmation message
  • Click ‘OK’ and your account will be removed forever.

You can also choose to disconnect your bank account if you do not want to remove it permanently.

Disconnecting your bank account from Quickbooks

  • With your Quickbooks logged in, click on the transactions
  • Click on bankings tab
  • Choose your preferred account to delete
  • Choose the pencil-like icon and click on edit
  • Click on options that say ‘disconnect’
  • Choose to save the preferences

By doing the needful steps you can remove permanently as well disconnect temporarily your bank account from the QuickBooks. In the hour of need, you can always take help from the QuickBooks customer support number, where the trained technicians will provide required support for your query. The technicians are well versed with the issues related to the software and they provide a long-lasting solution.