Unable to send Emails from my Yahoo Account

Yahoo mail is one of the famous webmail which has been used by people. This email has millions of users due to its amazing features. Still due to hassles of Yahoo email users required technical support team. Through the Yahoo customer support number 1-844-794-2515 customer will able to sort out their email issues. The most common problem faced by Yahoo email users are unable to send an email. Behind this problem, there may be some issues which need to be resolved. On this blog you will find troubleshoot steps through you will sort out the email sending problem.

1. First of all check network connection to your device. If there is an issue with network then fix it.
2. Go to the draft folder and check if your email message is saved as a draft instead of sent.
3. If you are still unable to send an email then check if you have entered the correct email address.
4. Confirm the email address you have entered is authentic.
5. Again try to send email, if you failed to send an email then make sure your Yahoo email is signed in.
6. Try to open the email from another browser.
7. Sign in your Yahoo email account and retry to send an email.
8. Delete the cookies, browser history and junk files from your desktop.
9. Disable the firewall of the device and retry to send an email.
10. Now again try to send an email via Yahoo Mail

If you are unable to send email through Yahoo Mail then ask your experts to help. Via the team of customer care, you will easily resolve the email sending error. Without hesitation ask your customer care team to solve this problem. To reach the tech support you can opt for Yahoo tech support number. This number is 24 X 7 reachable for its customers. You don’t need to take stress now when customer care is here to help you. Related to Yahoo mail any kind of problem will be fixed all the time.

How to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password

The accounting software QuickBooks shows plenty of technical issues which can irritate its users. Some issues occur due to lack of knowledge like users want to reset the QB admin password, but failed. If you are users of QuickBooks and want to recover the administrator password but don’t know how you can. Try the steps described on this blog which will help you. If you are confused about how to follow the steps then reach to the customer care team. Through QuickBooks customer care number you can get help via technical support. Well, if you want then try these simple steps for troubleshooting.

Steps to recover QuickBooks Administrator Password:

1. Go to the official website of the QuickBooks and fill the form.
2. After filling the form when you submit the form you will ask to enter email in the email field.
3. To reset the administration password this email will incorporate as token number act as secret key during the procedure of approval.
4. Now sign in the email and record than the token number.
5. Click to the connection for executable.
6. Now after download you will see a layout for a token request for company file location. You will find two password key from the field.
7. Now fill the form and then submit, start the verification process and wait for reset the password.
8. Once you will complete the process your will able to sign in the QuickBooks company record with the help of new admin password.

It might be you have any doubt and want a solution for that. You need to get help via customer care team. Try QuickBooks customer support number which is always available for its customers. The trained technicians of QuickBooks software tech support are always ready to help its customers. Any kind of problem you face related to QB software don’t delay to fix it. When can you find an instant solution for your issues then why to wait? Use the toll-free number of customer care and ask trained experts to troubleshoot the problem.

Not able to login to Yahoo email

Anyone who gets unwanted emails or spam cannot help frustration. Especially when Yahoo email users find spam mail they want help for troubleshooting. If you are getting bulk of spam mail on Yahoo Mail just try given steps. On this blog, you will find troubleshooting steps for spam mail. If you failed to sort out the problem just use Yahoo customer support number 1-844-794-2515. The number of customer care is always available for its users. With the help of tech support experts, you can easily fix the email problem.

Steps to manage the spam & mailing lists on Yahoo Mail:

Mark Yahoo emails as Spam

1. Choose the spam email.
2. Tap on option Spam.
3. Under the spam click down the arrow to provide info about email:

• Report Spam – unwanted emails.
• Report a Hacked Account – for suspicious email contacts.
• Report a Phishing Scam – an email which meant to be scam the personal information.
• Not My Mail – an email which addressed to other.

Mark Yahoo emails as Not Spam

1. Tap on the Spam folder.
2. Choose the email.
3. Tap on option Not Spam located on the upper side of the page.
4. Now email will back to inbox folder.

Unsubscribe mail from mailing lists:

At the bottom of some mail, you will find the link for unsubscribing. So if you don’t want to continue the email, unsubscribe it.

Tricky tips to avoid spam in the future:

• Ignore unknown mail senders.
• Share your email carefully.
• Don’t try to sign up your Yahoo mail with such website which claims to remove spam list. They can be spammers or fraud.

These all steps will help you to manage the spam & mailing list on Yahoo Mail. If you want advanced help with tech support. Try Yahoo customer service number which is 24 x 7 available for its customers. The team of tech support is always available to rectify the email problem all the time. So, whenever you need help just ask customer care team to assist you for troubleshooting.

Cannot download AOL Desktop Gold?

It is one of the popular software offered by AOL Inc. Many users download & install this interface on their device. Usually, download & installation procedure simply performed by users, but some users get hassles. If you are also getting the problem to download this, don’t worry you are at right blog. Here you will get the instructions to download the interface. If you want assistance for download it then try Download AOL Desktop Gold. This is a toll-free number of customer care through which users will able to find the solution. Well, you can try the given steps to download this interface.

Steps for download when you are Advantage Plan member:

For advantage plan member of AOL Desktop, it don’t include an additional cost.

1. Open the browser & sign in the AOL account at mybenefits.aol.com.
2. Now scroll down to the “All products” section and select “AOL Desktop Gold.”
3. Tap on option Download now.
4. After successful download follows the installation steps.

If you are AOL Desktop Gold subscriber:

1. Go to myaccount.aol.com & Sign in.
2. Tap on Manage My Subscriptions.
3. Now click on the Premium Subscriptions tab.
4. Under the “AOL Desktop Gold,” click on Get Started.
5. After complete download process, go through the installation process.

If you are using the link in the Official AOL signup confirmation email you received

1. Look for inbox mail for the subject line “Get Started with AOL Desktop Gold” or “Start enjoying the new AOL Desktop.”
2. Click & open the email.
3. Tap on Download AOL Desktop Gold or Update Now.
4. Go back to the download folder and tap to save it.
5. Now follow the installation steps.

If you require more information about downloading process, just ask the technical support for help. With the help of tech support, you will able to resolve any kind of problem-related to this interface. You can use AOL Desktop Gold which is 24 X 7 available for its users. Experts of tech support will sort your issues within a short span.

How to Customize an Invoice in QuickBooks

The accounting software QuickBooks permit its users to utilize its amazing features. Users of QB can create, manage or send invoices. If you want to customize the invoice in QuickBooks, just follow the steps given below. If you need assistance tech support team will help you. Via QuickBooks customer care number users will get proper assistance. The tech support team will resolve your confusion and help you to customize invoice. Well, you can try the steps of invoice customization which are given below.

Click on Company Settings: Select the option Gear Menu under the home menu. Now click on the settings & tap on “Custom Form style” label.
Edit the Showcased Form: Now under the Customs Form style edit the details by the tap Action. Open this form to edit it.
Add Company Logo: Add the logo from the drop-down menu. After selection click to upload on the selected file. If you have to resize the logo, then click on reset tab.
Color Scheme: Click on the “color box” from the drop-down menu. Select the color scheme as per the logo offers. You can also make your own choice from the palette locate on the left side.
Name the Form: Under the preview, sample click on edit pen to give it a name. The form name will only visible to you. Tap to next to move onto the next step.
Add Details: Use the Make adjustment tool to add details to the invoice. You can add any specific details to change the invoice according to you.
Account Summary: Under the appearance section you need to mark the checkbox option for “Account Summary.”

If you are confused and unable to customize the invoice. You can opt for customer care team. The trained experts of QuickBooks will help you via QuickBooks customer support number. The customer care team of QB are 24 X 7 available to help its users. There is an issue when the customers ask for help, experts will always assist their customers in a proper manner. The technicians will resolve your problem as soon as possible.

How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo Email Password?

Yahoo Email is popular webmail which is reliable for its services. There are many features added for users of Yahoo email. Users if forget the email password then they can recover it. Yahoo allows its users to recover their password through the secondary email address or via registered phone number. The Email Yahoo sends code or link to create a new password for email. If you don’t set number or secondary email then get the help with tech support. Through Yahoo customer support number 1-844-794-2515 which is 24 X 7 ready to help their customers. Well, try below-given tips to recover forgot email password.

Follow the steps to recover the forgotten email password:

1. Visit at Yahoo sign-in helper page and open it.
2. On that page enter the Yahoo email address or number.
3. Now click on the option “Continue.”
4. If you have entered the mobile number then you will receive a code.
• Tap on Do you have access to this phone? & under this section click on Yes, text me an Account Key.
• Now enter the code to verify the number and click to next.

5. If you have added a secondary email address to the Yahoo email account. Follow the steps given below.
6. Tap on the option Yes, send me an Account Key under Do you have access to this email?
7. Enter the email address after verification and after few seconds you will get a link to recover email password.
8. Now you have to use code or link to create new strong email password.
9. After creating new Yahoo email password you can access your email account.

If in case you stuck with trouble while accessing the Yahoo mail with its new password. No need to worry just use Yahoo customer service number which is always available for its users. Through the team of customer care experts, it would be easy to find the solution for email problem. The trained team of customer care will resolve the email issues whenever users want.

How to Uninstall QuickBooks

The users of accounting software QuickBooks can manage their business from anywhere they want. Ultimate features of QuickBooks software allow its users to create an invoice, send payments to employees and more options. If you ever get trouble with QuickBooks account without delay try to reach tech support. Use QuickBooks customer care 1-844-794-2515 which always available to its customers. Through this toll-free number, users will able to fix their issues easily. If you want to uninstall the QuickBooks due to any problem follow the steps given here.

Tap on the option “Start,” & then click on “Settings” reach to “Control Panel.”

Under the control panel tap on the option “Add/Remove Programs.”

From the list of the program select the option QuickBooks and click to open it.

Tap to “Change or Remove Programs” or “Uninstall.” Then click “OK” to uninstall QuickBooks software.

Locate the option QB product listing from the “Add/Remove Programs.” Click here to uninstall the software and follow the prompt.

Click & select the option Delete from the folder of Windows XP/2000. Follow: C:\Program Files\Intuit C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intuit C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Common Files\Intuit (When you don’t have other Intuit program installed in your device.)
You can also rename the file by right click. Select the option “Rename.”

Click & select the option Delete from the folder of Windows XP/2000. When you have installed other Intuit program on your device. Follow: C:\Program Files\Intuit
Now if you have to rename the file on the file do a right click. After that select the option rename from the menu.

To finalize the changes with registry uninstallation of QuickBooks software, restart your device.

Many users failed to uninstall the QuickBooks without proper assistance. If you also want experts to help to uninstall the software QuickBooks then try QuickBooks customer service number. This number is always available to resolve user’s problem as soon as possible. With the help of tech support, you can again use the QuickBooks features without any hassle.

How to Update the Yahoo Mail App on Android

Email is one the best way to exchange the messages and among the available email services in the market, Yahoo Email can be counted as the safest way to communicate in any part of the world. It has countless features and function for you which can be utilized for sending and receiving the emails. Despite that, you might face some technical issues which need to be resolved at the earliest. Well to do so you have an option in the form of Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515 where you can find the help from the certified technicians who will be available 24×7 online to assist you in resolving every issue you face.

To resolve the issues such as updating Yahoo Email App there are few steps you need to follow in a proper way such as-

In the beginning, you have to run a scan on your account and the steps are-

1. First, you have to visit the Yahoo Mail Quick Fix tool.
2. Here you have to select the problem you’re facing.
3. After that, you are required to enter an alternate email address, which should be different from the one you’re trying to fix.
4. Now you need to enter the verification code which is shown on the screen.
5. Finally, you have to click on Create Request.

How to Update the Yahoo Mail App

Although Yahoo updates its Email App automatically and time to time to fix the errors. It can be updated on the Android iOS or Android mobile devices only. There should be automatic update features should be enabled. In case these features are disabled, then you can update the Yahoo Mail application manually through Play Store on Android devices or the App Store on iOS devices.

Update on Android Devices
Now if you want to update on the Android Device then you have first launched the Play Store App on the device where you can find the icon of applications menu. You have to just click on the ‘Search’ tab then type “Yahoo Mail” in the list of suggestions. And then just click on the update option. If the update button is not there and the Installed button is showing then it means you Yahoo mail is up-to-date

Update on iOS Devices

Now here you need to launch the App Store on your iOS device and then just click on updates tab. If you could not find the Update tab then your App is up-to-date.

As mentioned above, you can handle the issues by just following the instructions which are provided in steps one by one and in a strict manner. If ever you feel that you are not able to resolve the issues by following the steps then you can avail another option through Yahoo Customer Support Number where you will be helped by the qualified experts 24×7 online

How to Record Bank Fees in QuickBooks?

Accounting software QuickBooks has changed the scenario because now management of the business is too easy. Now users can access their business details whenever they want through the QB software. It has many users across the world. This accounting software has many features which allow users to manage their business very easily. If you want to know more about QB software try QuickBooks customer care number 1-844-794-2515 which is always available for customers. There is one best option and that is you can record the bank fees in QuickBooks. If you want to register the Bank fees with QuickBooks account. If you are getting a problem because your QB account doesn’t record bank fee properly, you can try given steps.

Step 1.
Tap on the “file,” & open the company file & access the company’s QuickBooks file.

Step 2.
Tap and open the company file by selecting the option “Next.”

Step 3.
Select the company’s QuickBooks file name and click to open it.

Step 4.
You need to click on the Banking option and then from the main menu which is located on the top of the screen click on “Use Register.”

Step 5.
From the drop-down menu select the bank account option & click on OK.

Step 6.
From the bottom of the checked register choose blank transaction space.

Step 7.
Tap on the date field & enter the date of the bank fee charge.

Step 8.
Here you need to enter the fee amount of bank in the column of “Payment.”

Step 9.
Go to the account and from drop-down menu, select the option of “Bank Service Charges.”

Step 10.
Now at the last, you need to save the record. Click on “Record” to save the transition.

Well, these steps are too simple but ever you get the problem to access it then without worry ask the tech support for help. Use QuickBooks technical support number to rectify the problem which you get. Within a short time, the experts will resolve all kind of problem-related to QB accounting software. This service is 24 X 7 available for all users of QB.

How to fix problems signing in to your Yahoo account?

The email account of Yahoo provides various features to its users. The users of this email usually get issues. The most common error faced by users is a sign of trouble. If you are also getting the sign in problem then you can opt for customer care service. Via Yahoo customer care number 1-844-794-2515 users can ask for help. Let’s see which type of error users while sign in your account. To get a solution for your Yahoo email users can ask experts anytime.

Forgot the Yahoo email password or Mail ID

When you forgot the Yahoo email password or ID. You can sign in helper and follow the prompts. You can use mobile number, recovery email address or email ID. You can also use autofill in case your browser has to remember you’re the password. You can check the password from browser autofill setting.

Getting “Invalid ID or Password”

If you are getting the message of “Invalid id or password” means you have entered the wrong combination which doesn’t match to record. Here you need to check the following option.

The setting of autofill browser: If your browser has remembered the password & recently you have changed. Then you need to update the browser’s setting.
Check the “Caps Lock”: Sometimes due to caps lock users enter invalid username or password which shows issues.
Browser software: If you are trying to login in with the different browser and get trouble. Then you need to fix it from your perfect browser used.
Your Yahoo Mail password has changed: If a hacker has changed the yahoo email password then you can get this problem. Here you need to go back to the sign in helper.

Another way to troubleshoot the email sign in error is tech support. The experts of customer care are always available here to provide a solution. Through Yahoo customer support number customer can ask for a solution. 24 X 7 email tech support service offered by trained experts. Therefore whenever you need help you can reach out to tech support team.