How to Fix AOL Gold Upgrade Issue

Have you ever wondered what you will do while facing upgrade error in AOL Desktop Gold?  Or what to do when you cannot update your desktop software? If no, then fret not, this upgrade issue can arise in your desktop software for various reasons. It can occur when the automatic update feature is turned off or when viruses and malware attack your system. There are other reasons too, which can be responsible for the upgrade issue in your system. However, you can resolve this issue on your own by following the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this blog. You can even try to download AOL Gold software on your system and then install it; however, don’t forget to remove the desktop software’s previously installed version.

Steps to Fix With AOL Desktop Gold Upgrade Issue

By following the steps mentioned below in this blog will help you to resolve the upgrade issue in AOL Desktop Gold:

  • Use Compatible Router

Try to use 100% compatible router as then your desktop software will work smoothly. Then these routers will not cause the issue of no or poor internet connection. AOL will work smoothly with that router which has adjustable MTU settings and supports PPPoE connections. N range wireless routers will be efficient as they can cover a large distance.

  • Compatible System Requirement

If your system is not fulfilling the system requirement of AOL Gold, then it may be the reason behind the occurrence of upgrade issues. You must check the system requirement before installing the desktop software:

  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor: 266MHz or higher
  • Memory: Minimum 512 MB free disk and 1GB RAM
  • Screen resolution: 1024 X 768
  • Fast and secure internet connection
  • PPPoE connection with AOL
  • You have to open the new connection wizard and click on the Next tab.
  • Now click on connect to internet > Next.
  • Please select the option to set up the connection manually and then using an internet connection connect it
  • Now you have to enter the username and the password of your broadband connection.
  • Use a unique name for your ISP Name and then complete the connection process by entering the username and password.
  • Reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold Software

If the above-mentioned troubleshooting steps don’t work, then reinstall the AOL Gold software again on your system. You have to uninstall the software then do the clean installation of the AOL Desktop Gold carefully.

Remember to install AOL desktop Gold only after you are sure that your device meets the system requirement.


Fix Download and Install Error in AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold needs no introduction and people are going crazy over this software because of its amazing features. However, if you think that this software is free from all errors, you are mistaken as people face error while using this AOL Desktop Gold. One such error is download and installation error where you will be facing issues while installing this desktop software. In those situations, you can take help from experts or can refer to this blog. You can also try to install AOL desktop Gold in your system again by removing the software’s previous version first.

Steps to Fix Download and Installation Error

You can fix the download and installation error in AOL Desktop Gold by implementing these steps:

  • Make sure that you are downloading the setup file of the desktop software from the official AOL website. And if you are buying this software, then ensure that you are buying from a reliable source.
  • Check the system requirement before you install AOL Desktop Gold on your computer or laptop.
  • Run an antivirus software so as to remove any malicious malware and spyware from your system.
  • Ensure that your computer and its driver are up-to-date and if it is not, update it. Then you have to restart your system.

Advanced Solution for Fixing Download and Installation Error

When the above tips don’t help you in resolving the download and installation error of AOL Gold then you have to apply advanced troubleshooting steps:

  • You have to install AOL Gold in your system as a normal user.
  • Temporarily disable all the blocking applications and programs of your system and then restart your system.
  • If the communication software is blocking the installation of AOL Gold, then follow these steps:
  • Press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete key together to open the Task Manager
  • Go to the Process tab and here search for the file with name waol.exe.
  • You have to select this file and then choose the option to stop the running process.
  • You can perform a clean boot of your system:
  • Press the Start button and then search for msconfig, and then you have to choose the option of system configuration.
  • Go to Service tab and here ticks the checkbox next to ‘Hide all Microsoft Service’ and then you have to disable all services.
  • Open Task Manager and then you need to go to the Startup tab and disable all the items.
  • At last, restart your computer.

To download AOL Gold software, you have to be sure that you are downloading the setup file of the latest version of the desktop software and that too from the official website of AOL.

How to Fix AOL Frozen Screen Problem

If you have encountered AOL Frozen Screen Error, you must follow a few instructions to eliminate it. The instructions are mentioned below to troubleshoot AOL Frozen Screen Issue soon.

  1. Restart Your System
  • Restart your computer to close all backend programs running on your computer and provide a space for AOL Gold to open smoothly again.
  • Scan your system to check for Trojans, Worms, or Virus, and if any malware is detected, then remove it quickly because it will freeze your AOL screen
  • Keep assured that Internet speed is high and stable to open it
  • If the problems exist still, then move to AOL files and start the program again
  • Reinstall AOL desktop gold again and update your browser and windows before re-downloading it.
  1. Run & Download AOL in Compatible Mode
  • Download AOL software from a trustworthy source
  • Choose its properties and then, save AOL installation files on your desktop
  • Choose the Compatibility Mode option and click at option ‘Enter the Program in Compatibility Mode.’
  • Then, select Download Box and also choose Past Operating System.
  • Then press OK and attempt to re-download AOL once again.
  1. Run AOL Desktop Gold in Compatible Mode
  • Press the AOL Gold Desktop icon with a Right-Click
  • From the drop-down menu, choose option ‘Run As Admin.’

It is the short-cut option to remove this AOL Error. You can’t use it every time. You have to follow an alternative method given below to fix this error.

  • Choose Characteristics by right-clicking at AOL Gold Desktop icon
  • Press at Short-Cut option on the opened Windows
  • Tab at the ‘Advanced Tab’ option and then verify by clicking at ‘Execute As Administrator.’
  • Save it and then click to reinstall AOL Gold
  1. Run Compatibility Troubleshooter at Your Computer
  • Open the Control Panel and in the search box, type ‘System’ and then press ‘ENTER.’
  • To look at your device specifications, click on System option
  • Compare the one by opening the Window specifications
  • Operating System 10 or Window 7/8/8.1
  • iOS Version 10
  • System Processor 266MHz or faster
  • Screen Resolution 1068*768 or more
  • Ram 512 MB (approx.)
  1. Remove and Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold
  • Press the Start Menu and locate Search Box
  • Type the Update and then, click on the Windows Update option
  • Then, move to ‘Change Settings’ select the ‘Important Updates’ heading
  • Then, look at the box ‘Automatically Install Update.’
  • Finally, choose the AOL Gold Desktop option and click on updates
  • Save the changes or updates once the process is completed.

Troubleshoot Corrupt Desktop Software

 Click at Start button in the control panel

  • Search for Programs and Features
  • Select AOL Desktop option and then Scroll it to top and press Uninstall option
  • When the full method is completed, then Restart your device
  • Download or Reinstall it again on your device such as Desktop, Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet, etc.

Now, open your reinstalled AOL Gold Desktop icon and if the same error exists, then Install AOL Desktop Gold again. You can also contact the AOL Gold Desktop support team to resolve this issue altogether. Some various executives are available for your help 24/7 hours.


Download and Install AOL Desktop Gold for Mac

AOL Desktop Gold is a desktop software that gives people the virtual access of any AOL service. This desktop software is very easy to use and is also convenient because you can have access to a variety of services that includes AOL Mail, online games, news, entertainment, music, and much more. The beauty of this fantastic desktop software is that all the online services are available only on a single platform. AOL Desktop Gold gives various benefits to users, such as customized email and font options, 2-step verification for ensuring you to enjoy personalized web experience. You can look at the steps that are given below to know how you can download AOL Desktop gold on your Mac.

System Requirements for AOL Desktop Gold

Before downloading and installing the AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac, you need to ensure that your device is meeting the necessary system requirements for running the software. Here takes a quick look at the system requirement that you must fulfil before you download and install AOL Desktop Gold:

  • Hard Disk: Minimum 512 MB free space
  • Fast and secure internet connection
  • Computer processor: 266 MHz or faster
  • Hard Disk: Minimum 512 MB free space
  • RAM: 1 GB

Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold for Mac

The steps to download and then install AOL Desktop Gold on your Mac depends on your AOL membership plan or the subscriber status. You can go through this blog to see the steps to download and install AOL Desktop Gold on Mac device:

  • If you are an AOL Advantage Plan member, then you need to log in to an AOL account and then go to the ‘My Benefits’ page. Here look for AOL Desktop Gold software in the ‘All Products’ section and then click the button of ‘Download now.’
  • If you have signed for a trial version of AOL Desktop Gold or if you have a subscription, then you should go to ‘My Accounts’ and select the option of ‘Services and Subscription.’ Here search for AOL Desktop Gold and then click on the button of ‘Get Started’ and follow the installation process.
  • If you have signed up for the AOL Desktop Gold, then you could use the link from your confirmation email for downloading and installing AOL Desktop Gold for your Mac device.
  • Whichever process you choose you need to save the setup file of AOL and then follow the instruction that is shown on the screen to complete the installing the desktop software on your system.

Since the steps for download and install AOL desktop Gold depends on the subscription that you have or the AOL membership that you possess. Then you need to be sure that you are following the correct installation steps to get the software. If you get steps while implementing the installation steps, then you can reach out to the customer care team and ask for technical assistance.


How to fix AOL Desktop Error 212

AOL Desktop Gold offers a whole range of features with its software as it provides services including Mails, Search Engines, News, Games and others. It is highly known email service that you can use on your desktop or other devices. Sometimes you may encounter the error 212 in AOL Mail while sending mails to the other users from your AOL Desktop Gold user account. You will see a notification ‘Sorry for the annoyance. We are unable to perform your task because of error 212’. It is effortless to solve this error as it is a very common error. We have step by step guide for you to get rid of this problem. To work error-free or smoothly you can also Download the Latest Version of AOL Desktop Gold.

How do you recognize AOL Desktop Error 212

  • A notification will appear on your screen.
  • Your keyboard and mouse will work slow.
  • Your system will freeze or crash frequently.

Reasons for getting AOL Desktop Error 212

  • If you have corrupted installation of AOL Desktop Gold on your system.
  • Virus and Cyber Attack are very common these days, so this can be one of the reasons for this error, so its better to be cyber safe.
  • One major reason can be insider threats. For instance, any file in your system deliberately deleted or accidentally.
  • You have not Installed AOL Desktop updated version.

Now, let’s know the way to solve this error. Given below are some easy steps to fix this AOL Desktop Error 212 on your system.

Steps to fix AOL Desktop Error 212 :

Step 1 – Firstly search for any destruction or corruption in the registry files entries in the windows.

Step 2 – Scan if your system has any anti-virus, If yes run an anti-virus.

Step 3 – Update your system drive with the latest version.

Step 4 – Clean-up your unwanted files from the system by these steps:

  • Open control panel< Administrative Tools< Disc Clean-Up.
  • Now select the file you wish to run disc clean-up and choose all the unnecessary files.
  • Click OK and delete files.

Step 5 – Restore your window system and then uninstall and reinstall your AOL Desktop.

Step 6 – Update your windows with the latest version if it is not updated.

Step 7 – Now check the AOL Desktop install error 212 will be fixed on your system.

These troubleshoot will helps you to solve your AOL Desktop Error 212. This error commonly occurs at sometimes automatically fix on its own, but if not then our guidance will surely help to take you out from this difficulty. The steps given above are easy to follow and execute. For the smoother experience, you can Download AOL Desktop Gold on your system.

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How to Clear Cache in AOL Desktop Gold

In the world of technology, a cache is the software component that is known for storing data so that websites can load it faster in the future. The temporary instance of web pages that are stored on your AOL Desktop Gold browser will improve your browsing experience and will significantly reduce the page load time. However, if the cache is cluttered with a lot of unwanted data, then it can cause several errors on the user’s system. To make sure your AOL Gold software is running smoothly you must clear the browser’s cache regularly and delete those unwanted data. This article will highlight the steps you can implement while clearing the browser’s cache on AOL Desktop Gold. You can even Download AOL Desktop Gold again on your system to remove the cache and solve other issues of the desktop software.

Steps to Clear Cache on AOL Desktop Gold

Clearing the cache of the web browser on AOL Desktop Gold is one of the basic troubleshooting steps which you can use for resolving minor technical errors. Whenever you encounter any error like a page freezing issue or a website becoming unresponsive, then clear the cache and restart your computer to resolve the issue. You can go through the steps given below to clear the browser cache on the AOL Desktop Gold and improve the browser speed and performance:

Step 1: You need to open the AOL Desktop software on your computer.

Step 2: Now you have to enter your AOL Desktop Gold login details in the fields provided.

Step 3: Sign in to your AOL Desktop account and then go to the top menu bar.

Step 4: You have to click on the ‘Settings’ option and then open the account settings.

Step 5: Look for the ‘Browser’ settings that are located on the left menu.

Step 6: Navigate to the security tab, and then you have to click on the ‘Clear Footprints Now.’

Step 7: Checkmark all the data you wish to delete and click on the relevant delete button.

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Once the browser cache is cleared and the unwanted data is deleted, you can restart the AOL Desktop software and continue browsing the web. However, if the cache data is still there, then you can install AOL Desktop Gold software again and install it on your system. AOL always recommends users should empty the cache every time they close their software. If you have any trouble executing the steps mentioned above, you can call the experts and ask for additional help. Trained software technicians are available 24 *7 to give you expert advice on how to solve any issue related to AOL Desktop Gold software.

How to Fix Yahoo Mail Error Code 1242

There are millions of people who create their email account on Yahoo Mail to get best emailing services. Although Yahoo is one of the best email service provider yet the hiccups of Yahoo Mail irritate its users sometimes. Error code 1242 is one of the most common technical error which appears with Yahoo Mail. To find a complete solution for your email error code you need a helping hand from dexterous techies via Yahoo email customer care number. Through this number, you will be able to fix all kind of error related to Yahoo Mail.

Cause of Yahoo mail error code 1242:-

When you get an error while sending email even at the time of login your account. Below given reasons can leads to error code 1242 on your Yahoo Mail. You can have look on the causes of Yahoo mail error code 1242.

• Virus and malware infections.
• Corrupted system files.
• When an application is incompletely installed.
• Some important Windows system file has deleted.

The solution for Yahoo mail error code 1242:-
Well, when you encounter with Yahoo email error code 1242, you won’t be able to send mail or access your Yahoo email account. To get access to your email account once again you will have to follow the troubleshooting steps.

Through the given steps you will be able to solve the error code 1242.

• First of all, you should start your computer.
• Now you will have to log in as administrator.
• Tap on the start button & then select “All Programs.”
• Then you will have to click on “System Restore.”
• Wait for a while and then select the option “Restore My Computer.”
• Tap on the restore the point list.
• Now you will have to click on “Next” to confirm the list.
• Turn off your Computer and restart it.
• Enter the Yahoo Mail id and password to sign in your account.

Now you will have to check you are able to sign in your Yahoo mail and if you are not then simply call on Yahoo technical support number. This is the toll-free number of customer care on which skilled techies will answer your call as well as fix the problem via remote access. You will definitely find a complete solution for your email hitches 24×7 means all the time.

6 Easy Steps to Enable Class Tracking Option in QuickBooks

The accounting software QuickBooks has approx. 2.2 million users due to its excellent features. To run your business smoothly you can install this amazing software that will help to keep an eye on your business all the time. Well, if you want to enable the class tracking option in your QuickBooks software then you can perform given steps. In case you get confused or need help call on QuickBooks customer care number. Through this toll-free number, you can ask trained experts for assistance. The experts will resolve your problem. Now have a focus on the given instructions.

Way to enable class tracking option:

Step 1: Open the QuickBooks software and then go to the edit option. Now go to the subcategory & click on “Class tracking” feature.
Step 2: Click on this feature after select the preference button. Choose the option “Use Class Tracking” by clicking “Ok.”
Step 3: Now you will have to open the drop-down menu to select the class category. This will be located at the menu bar.
Step 4: Just next to the class button you will get an arrow tap. Click on it and select the option to create a new class.
Step 5: Enter the name into the class and select the subclass. Now enter the complete details.
Step 6: Select the same expense input and add it to the class. Now you can track the QuickBooks software transitions via just one click.

Finally, you have done! You have successfully enabled the Class tracking option in your QuickBooks software. But if you have any trouble than simply contact customer care team. Via QuickBooks customer support number you can reach to experts and ask them for help. With the help of trained and experienced experts, you find a complete solution for QuickBooks related issues. Now you don’t need to worry when experts in customer care are ready to help you with troubleshooting the QuickBooks software hitches. The service of customer care is 24×7 available for fix it. You can reach to them anytime you need their assistance.

Yahoo Live Chat Support

The Yahoo Mail is known as the most reliable and amazing email service, and this is the reason why there are millions of active users of this email. Yahoo email is actively used by millions of active users to communicate with each other. On the other hand, if you will see the cons of Yahoo mail then you will find that you need expert’s assistance and the reason being is Yahoo Mail has some snags. To fix these snags you will have to contact to Yahoo customer care number which is always available to resolve the hiccups of email, whether it is related to signing in the problem or you have forgotten the password.

How can you find a solution for your Yahoo email issues?

When the users of Yahoo email is unable to resolve the issues, even they have tried all methods they can contact to customer support team. Some Yahoo users think that they can fix the email issue by themselves but it is not important that they will get success.

Even you are a techno guy, it may possible that you get confused and required some assistance for troubleshooting. If this is happening with you don’t need to worry and being frustrated, because it is a very common issue.
Here all you need to call customer care executives for troubleshooting without hesitation.

Get help for Yahoo Mail troubleshoot via live chat support!

Yes! Yahoo email live chat support is the best option to fix the email related all snags. You can ask the live chat assistance any question or how to fix the problem you are facing with Yahoo email.

The executives of live chat support will answer you for your question in the proper way by which you can sort out all issues that appear with your Yahoo email. If required you can also call on Yahoo technical support number. This is a toll-free number of customer care where your all issues will be fixed as soon as possible. You can contact customer care executives 24×7 because of this expert

How to solve ATT Error code L569

The email error code L569 appears when you failed to log in your AT&T email. To fix this email issue you will have to check why you are getting an error while login. This blog is all about the AT&T error code L569 and how you can fix it. If you want experts’ advice for troubleshooting then call on AT&T customer care number. Through this toll-free number, you can directly reach to experts of customer care. Well, let’s see how you can solve this error code and why this issue occurs.

The reason of AT&T email error code L569:

If you are getting error code L569, there may be some couple of issues which you will have to fix. Now let’s see what the reasons for having error code L569 are described below.

1. Using wrong email password.
2. Cookies, footprints, and caches of the browser.
3. Browser settings that have blocked your email site.
4. You have enabled the firewall on your computer.
5. Temp and junk files of your computer.


Usually getting the error code to irritate especially if you are email user. To solve the AT&T email error code you can follow the troubleshooting steps.

1. Clear all junk and temporary files from your computer.
2. Refresh your email and browser.
3. If required you can change the browser settings.
4. Delete all cookies, caches, and foot-prints from your browser.
5. Check if ATT email server is down and fix it.
6. You can use another device to login AT&T email.

Now you can try to log in your AT&T email account if there is trouble while sign in or the error code appears again. You can contact to customer care team through ATT technical support number. On the call customer care executives will resolve your problem via remote access, so you can contact them anytime you want. The service of customer care is always offered by the trained technicians those are dedicated to sorting out the email hiccups of their consumers so you can anytime call them for help.